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Engineering Bureau Franke International LLC has been successfully operating in the field of inspection services for over 40 years. It was founded as an independent company in 1973 in Germany.

In 2006, as part of the business expansion strategy, it was decided to create a subsidiary, Engineering Bureau Franke International (IBFI). The basis for this decision was the analysis of growth trends in demand for the provision of highly professional inspection services in the steel markets in the CIS and Asia.

In 2007, a subsidiary company “IBFI” LLC was established on the territory of the Russian Federation. This step was planned due to the expansion of demand for such type of services as technical supervision during production in heavy industry (metallurgy, mechanical engineering, car building, boiler building, etc.) and technical supervision of construction in the oil and gas industry. Thanks to this, new directions in the provision of services in this industry were opened, a joint venture was created and many reliable partners were found around the world. One of these partners is TÜV Thüringen, cooperation with which has opened up new opportunities for us and our customers.

In 2013, a joint venture TÜV Thuringen IBFI LLC was formed, thus laying the foundation for long-term partnership.
The scope of the company's activity is constantly expanding and at the moment the range of services, in addition to the inspection of all types of metal products, includes: inspection of railway products, material testing, technical supervision, construction supervision, certification of enterprises, appraisal services.

Human resources:
Our personnel policy takes into account the constant changes in the business world and is actively developing. The company recruits well trained, highly qualified technicians. Our employees are regularly trained in specialized refresher courses:
ASME / The American Society of Mechanical Engineers / auditors;
Internal auditors API / American Petroleum Institute /;
Training of specialists in methods of testing railway wheels at the University of Munich / Universität der Bundeswer München /;
Training of specialists in non-destructive testing;
Training of specialists in the control of welding and installation works (National Agency for Welding Control);

Personnel reserve.
In the structure of the IBFI, there is a division of reserve personnel, which includes personnel with various specializations. In addition to full-time employees, to carry out inspection work, provide survey and consulting services, the company attracts independent authoritative specialists in various fields.
Such an organization allows you to flexibly and quickly respond to possible changes in the tasks set by the client, effectively supervise both short-term and long-term projects that require significant time and human resources.


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