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We offer 5 main types of inspection:
1. Before production
2. During production
3. Pre-shipment inspection
4. When loading the container
5. Independent inspection of the quality and quantity of cereals, legumes, oilseeds in ports and elevators. Issuance of quality and quantity certificates, control of loading / unloading of wagons, ships in accordance with international and Russian requirements.

The most popular type of inspection is pre-shipment inspection, when 100% of the goods are manufactured and at least 80% are packed.
The pre-shipment inspection usually checks the following points:
• Compliance with the requirements for quality, size, color, appearance
• Product performance
• The total quantity and quantity for each type of product
• Gross and net weight
• Packaging condition
• Marking

Based on the results of the inspection, a detailed report is drawn up, which is accompanied by a large amount of photographic materials characterizing each stage of the inspection;
The use of survey services makes it possible to obtain a certificate (survey report), certified by the signature of the surveyor, which certifies the condition of the vehicle or cargo at a certain moment of transportation. This certificate has legal force and can be an indisputable evidence in an arbitration court, since the surveyor is an independent party, and therefore, your independent witness. In the absence of a survey certificate / report, it is almost impossible to prove your case. The professionalism and high qualifications of our employees will help you quickly resolve claims settlement issues and remove claims. The cost of survey services is significantly less than the cost of your cargo. Using the services of an experienced and reliable survey company, you can minimize risks, protect your business and reduce losses.


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