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LLC "Engineering BureauFranke International" Uzbekistan (EBFI Uzbekistan) began its activities in February 2014. EBFI Uzbekistan in 2014 was accredited by the Uzstandard Agency according to the standard O'zDSt ISO / IEC17020: 2009 "General criteria for the work of various types of inspection bodies", is a member of the International Federation of Inspection Agencies (IFIA).

The main activities of the company are: - independent examination of contracts; - pre-shipment inspection of goods; - consulting services. Project support and technical supervision of project implementation; - physical inspection of the quantity and quality of goods; - inspection for acceptance of incoming goods; - marketing research of the market of suppliers, prices of goods and services.

We are glad to inform you that, in February 2018, a testing laboratory and a product certification body were opened on the basis of EBFI Uzbekistan. The laboratory is equipped with the most modern equipment. The certification body and testing laboratory employs highly qualified specialists in the field of conformity assessment, including expert auditors in the national quality system.

Scope of accreditation of the testing laboratory and product certification body under EBFI Uzbekistan: - Bread and bakery products; - Pasta products; - Confectionery and honey; - Milk products; - Vegetable oils, fats; - Soft drinks and beverage concentrates; - Food concentrates; - Chicken eggs, egg products; - Semi-finished products: - dumplings, dumplings; - Meat and meat products, canned meat and meat and vegetable products; - Tea coffee; - Agricultural products and dried fruits; - Perfumery products and household chemicals; - Items of sanitation and hygiene. In the future, the company plans to expand the scope of accreditation of the testing laboratory and product certification body.


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